Review and Prospect: Ten Years’ Growth of CAI Machine

Suzhou CAI Machine Group Co., Ltd., dedicated to manufacturing dry-offset printing machine, was founded nearby the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, and grew up in Suzhou, a paradise city where history and modernity are intertwined.

CAI brand, which started from a small team of ten members, has been honed for ten years. Now we are pleased to see that every day there are hundreds of CAI equipment to create value for customers from four continents around the world. In 2023, the CAI brand printing machine shipment has become the world's No. 1 in its industry.

We are still on the road: to pail printer from cup printer and to lid printer from pail printer. It is CAI's mission to present better dry-offset printing technology to the world.

 The sales team and after-sales team of "Suzhou CAI" have traveled all over the world to convey the value of CAI products to customers: high speed, stability and delicacy. We listen carefully to the voices of customers, and thus can achieve a better “CAI” through customer comments, suggestions and criticisms, which will produce hundreds of improvement measures, create a number of patented technologies, and continuously improve CAI’s service quality.

In 2017, CAI 8-color printing machine made its debut in Argentina. In this traditional dairy country, China-made printing equipment was able to have the opportunity to compete with international top brands in the field of dairy cup printing. Followed by the second and third orders and more, CAI machine landed in the European market and the U.S. market immediately. CAI equipment has won the favor of more and more domestic and foreign customers with its stable & high-speed features, exquisite printing color display and higher cost-effectiveness.

CAI 8-color cup printing machine, as stable as rock, with super customized index unit imported from Germany, 50,000 hours of maintenance-free, high speed and high efficiency, the highest printing speed of 600 pieces / minute, and continuous operation for 24 hours. More than 800000 pieces can be printed in a single day.

Photographic printing quality with colorfulness and vividness. Printing precision can reach 133 lines. All European brand electrification configuration with higher device standards and higher quality assurance.

Standardized production process control, advanced production and testing technology, and strict quality control measures to ensure that the quality of each printing machine is the same.

As a food packaging equipment manufacturer, "Suzhou CAI" puts food safety in the first place and refers to the latest national food safety standards (GB 4806.14-2023). It is certified by the third-party authority that heavy metals and organic chemical residues inside the dairy cups printed by CAI machines fully meet the standards.

Energy saving, environmental protection, "double carbon" standard, sustainable development are the mainstream of today's world and also one of enterprises’ development focuses. Every day the CAI machines in operation have globally saved tens of thousands of tons of fossil energy for mankind. In the future CAI equipment shall become a powerful tool for your energy saving, emission reduction, and "double carbon" achievement.

The times brings up opportunities, and the motherland empowers me. The road may be far, but the journey will take you there.

Please walk forward with CAI for a colorful career and a full-color life!

Post time: May-27-2024