Cup Printer-S608

Product Detail


Technical Data Sheet

Max production speed 600pcs/min
Cup height  30-230mm
Rim diameter  50-205mm
Cup taper 0-12°
Max printing height 150mm
Max printing length 368mm(6 blankets)
540mm(3 blankets)
610mm(magnetic plates, 3 blankets)
Colorhead  8
Net. Weight  8000KG
Machine height 2400mm
Machine length 7000mm
Machine width  3550mm
Pro2 (2)
Pro2 (3)
Pro2 (4)
Pro2 (5)

Cup Printer-S608

1Cup Printer-S608

Register-accurate Plate Adjustment

Register-accurate plate adjustment achieves excellent printing results

Ups to 8 colors to meet diversified printing requirements

2Cup Printer-E506

Index Unit

Super customized index imported from Germany
Index brand: Heinz
50,000 hours free of maintenance

Cup Printer-S6083

Liquid Cooling System

Constant temperature cooling system

ensures excellent printing performance

Cup Printer-E5064


Use imported special materials

Shock absorption and wear resistance

ensure sharp printing performance

Cup Printer-S6085

stable & high speed

photographic printing

 8 colors

Cup Printer-E5065

Quick Set Ink Fountain (option)

One ink knife has seven areas that can independently control the amount of ink

Accurately control the amount of ink supplied patterns.

Cup Printer-E5067

Plate Cylinder

Run out ≤ 0.01mm

Measure after 24 hours constant temperature, the diameter difference of the 8 pcs plate cylinders is controlled less than 0.01mm



Run out ≤ 0.02mm

Keep the highest points of 8 pcs mandrel at the same level

Weight difference of 8 pcs mandrel within 5g

Cup Printer-S6089

Offset Cylinder

Run out ≤ 0.02mm

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